Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay my school fees online?
Because it allows you to pay your school fees anytime from a safe and convenient location, and avoid having to physically line up to pay at the school cashier or bank teller.

How do I pay my school fees online?
Go to MANILA.LPU.EDU.PH, then click the Student Pay Online button and follow the instructions to transact the online payment. You need to create an account first to use this facility and also the amount due from your Assessment Record.

Can I pay my tuition online without a credit card?
Yes, Greenpeso allows you to pay online with your GCASH or BancNet ATM account. For the list of BancNet banks, see the other side of this leaflet.

To pay with your BancNet ATM account, you will need your ATM Card Number and PIN. To pay with your GCASH account, you will need the Globe cell phone it is attached to and your MPIN.

When will the school know that I have already paid my fees if I pay online?
The school has an Admin Panel that displays all the payment transactions as they happen. Right after you have made an online payment transaction, it is immediately - in real time - reflected on the school's computers.

Do I get a record of my online payments?
Yes, right after you complete an online payment, Greenpeso will generate an Acknowledgement Receipt that you can print and use as proof of payment. Greenpeso also provides you an online Profile page which carries your payment history. Your Profile page will display your transactions as they happen and keep a record of all your previous transactions.

If in the process of paying online my computer crashes or the internet is disconnected, what do I do?
In this case, if you did not get an acknowledgment, check your deposit or GCash balance first. If your account has been reduced or debited, you don't have to do anything else, you are paid and the payment is already reflected in the School's Admin Panel.

If your account has not been reduced, then redo the payment transaction.

Is it safe to pay my school fees online?
Yes. Your online payment goes through double and triple encrypted pages so the risk of hacking your transaction as you are doing it is almost nil. Your online payment is secure. The biggest online risk comes from others being able to steal your ATM PIN or GCASH MPIN and using it in the future to withdraw money or transact a payment with your ATM or GCASH account. This risk is eliminated by the very stringent GreenPeso and BancNet and/or GCASH security protocols.

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Did you know that...
  • ACCESSIBLE - Enjoy the convenience of paying your tuition anywhere, anytime.
  • HASSLE FREE - No more long queue and risk of hold-ups.
  • USER FRIENDLY - With an easy & simple user interface, paying can be done in just a few clicks.
  • REAL TIME - Payments made will reflect in the school system right-away.
  • SECURE - GreenPeso uses SSL and 256-bit encryption, making sure your online transactions are safe & secure.